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P.O. Box 1390, McDonough, GA 30253

To promote and advance the Structural Steel Fabrication and Miscellaneous Metals Iron industry for the use and education of steel construction in the Southeast and the entire United States.

To promote opportunities to encourage the adoption of State, Federal, and National regulations, and legislations.  SASF encourages the introduction of State of the Art Technology, new Engineering Standards/Requirements, introduces Marketing Statistics and Networking opportunities, to promote the future growth of the steel industry.

To work alongside the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and other associations in the promotion and development of the steel fabrication industry.

To provide educational sessions and resources for new procedures and products. 

To introduce more economic and more efficient methods of design for shop practices, field practices, delegated designs, and safer methods for the steel industry.

To provide education on the most up-to-date legislation, from a national and local basis, which the steel industry can utilize for a greater impact for our industry.  The SASF also benefits from including education on the legal aspects for contracts, change orders, payments, receivables, bonds, safety, employment, and  liens.

To foster trade and networking opportunities between the Joist/Deck suppliers, the Major Mills, the Paint Suppliers, the Galvanizing companies, OEM’s, the Detailers/Connection Design Engineers, the Service Centers, the Grating suppliers, and the Nut/Bolt manufacturers.

The SASF is a non-profit corporation, incorporated for the purpose of promoting Structural Steel Fabrication, & Miscellaneous Metals Steel Fabrication as the material of choice to increase the structural steel market share in the construction industry.

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